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Isfandyar Zaman Khan’s Epic Pool Party!

Isfandyar’s friends threw a brilliant party to kick off the wedding festivities with a pool party. Needless to say everyone had a brilliant time!

20130529-191115.jpg Isfandiyar Zaman & Kiran Chaudhry

Ali Zafar and Sanam Taseer

20130529-191924.jpg Faryal Aftab

20130529-192802.jpg Kamiar Rokni

20130529-193138.jpg Amina Shah & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-193900.jpg Claudio and Isfandyar

20130529-201726.jpg Haris Syed and Saeed

20130529-210200.jpg Ali Zafar

20130529-210733.jpg Fatima Fazli and Ayesha Fazli

20130529-211028.jpg Amina Shah , Samina Khan & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-211259.jpg Romana Abdullah & Zoe Khan

20130529-211448.jpg Haris Syed & Yanal Khan

20130529-211817.jpg Moeed Yousaf

20130529-212127.jpgYasmeen Omar Asghar Khan and Maha Khan

20130529-212515.jpg Attique Ud Din


20130529-212804.jpg Fahd Beg

20130529-212903.jpg Abbas Ali & Amina Shah

20130530-104244.jpgOmer Salamat

Muse at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

Muse presented their Spring/Summer 2013 collection inspired by the romantic spirit of a beautiful woman and European gardens palaces. Based in crepes, the designer duo at Muse projected cuts with floor sweeping shirt dresses with side slits embellished with touches of thread work and pearls in shades of chateau grey and alpine green. Key trends highlighted in this collection were full length crepe dresses that promise quiet luxury as well as their signature delicate embellishments. Always beautiful and wearable, we would like to see newer cuts and edgier embellishment from one of our favourite design houses.

MUSE 29-4-13 (54)MUSE 29-4-13 (69)MUSE 29-4-13 (201)

MUSE 29-4-13 (245)

MUSE 29-4-13 (348)

MUSE 29-4-13 (293)

MUSE 29-4-13 (418)MUSE 29-4-13 (772)

Photos courtesy of Faisal Farooqui at Dragonfly


1.What inspired you this season?

The beauty and grandeur of the gardens surrounding European palaces.

2.How would you sum up your collection in three words?

Opulent, intricate, and decadent.

3.What has been your personal best fashion moment so far?

Ours will come when we stock at Bergdorf, Browns, Le Bon Marche, or when Marion Cotillard wears MUSE.

4.What’s the best thing anyone has ever said about your work?

“You can spot a MUSE outfit from a mile away!”

5.What is your biggest strength as a designer?

Our unique aesthetic – beautiful embellishments, luxurious fabrics, and immaculate finishing.

6.What are your favourite colors to work with and why?

Alpine Green – it’s so opulent .Chateau Grey – it’s a very versatile color for embellishment.

7.What are your favourite fabrics to work with and why?

Crepe – it falls beautifully and feels so luxurious. Tulle – it is sheer luxury. Vintage French Lace – it is so understated and yet so opulent.

8.How would you define your personal style?

Sophisticated and decadent.

9.How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Romantic, feminine, and luxurious.

11.Who is one of your favourite models to work with?


12.How would you define the fashion scene in Pakistan?

It’s young, but has a lot of promise.

13.What is your favourite international design house?

It’s a tie between the new Valentino and Lanvin.

14.What is your current state of mind?

Moving on from the gardens we want to create something that looks fresh and sheer, and reflects light. Tulle is on our mind.

15.Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

www.muse.pk and www.facebook.com/MuseLovesFashion

PSFW Red Carpet Day 1

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani

Sara Shahid (2) copy

Sara Shahid
Fatima and Waleed Zaman Fatima and Waleed Zaman

HSY wearing a white Toywatch

HSY wearing a white Toywatch

Meesha Shafi wears Mahgul for Nasreen Shaikh

Meesha Shafi wears Mahgul for Nasreen Shaikh

Minhal Sadiq

Minhal Sadiq

misha copy
Misha Lakhani
j copy
Faryal Aftab in Muse and Jania Bhatti in Sania Maskatiya

anam  copy
Anam Mansuri

st copy
Alizah Raza and Shehrbano Taseer (in Elan)

Sasha Salahuddin wears Misha Lakhani

Sasha Salahuddin wears Misha Lakhani

20130428-205219.jpg Sadaf Zarrar and Amna Niazi

Sneak peek: Jarrar Shah and Nida Bano Qureshi’s Mehndi


Jarrar Shah, Nida Bano Qureshi and Mehreen Qureshi


Sana, Khadijah and Saleeha Shah


Sanam Taseer in Muse


Samina Khan in Mehvish Khan


Faryal Aftab (wearing Muse) and Kamiar Rokni (love the twin buttons)

Excited about the sale at Muse!

Moeed Yousaf and Faryal Aftab, the super duo behind Muse never fail to impress with their creativity, the use of luxurious fabrics, flawless finishing and attention to detail. We LOVE Muse for making clothes that flatter the body and make a woman feel beautiful. So we are very excited to announce that select pieces are on sale -visit their gorgeous store on MM Alam Road, Lahore now!

jan 16th

Also Muse and the gorgeous Zara Peerzada are definitely a winning combination! How beautiful does she look?

Zara Peerzada for Muse

Zara Peerzada for Muse