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Isfandyar Zaman Khan’s Epic Pool Party!

Isfandyar’s friends threw a brilliant party to kick off the wedding festivities with a pool party. Needless to say everyone had a brilliant time!

20130529-191115.jpg Isfandiyar Zaman & Kiran Chaudhry

Ali Zafar and Sanam Taseer

20130529-191924.jpg Faryal Aftab

20130529-192802.jpg Kamiar Rokni

20130529-193138.jpg Amina Shah & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-193900.jpg Claudio and Isfandyar

20130529-201726.jpg Haris Syed and Saeed

20130529-210200.jpg Ali Zafar

20130529-210733.jpg Fatima Fazli and Ayesha Fazli

20130529-211028.jpg Amina Shah , Samina Khan & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-211259.jpg Romana Abdullah & Zoe Khan

20130529-211448.jpg Haris Syed & Yanal Khan

20130529-211817.jpg Moeed Yousaf

20130529-212127.jpgYasmeen Omar Asghar Khan and Maha Khan

20130529-212515.jpg Attique Ud Din


20130529-212804.jpg Fahd Beg

20130529-212903.jpg Abbas Ali & Amina Shah

20130530-104244.jpgOmer Salamat

Mo Shah: Transmission Eternal at the Drawing Room Lahore

About Mo Shah: (taken from his website) http://www.moshah.com
Dystopian pop-romanticism cloaked behind a veil of subversive post-modern expressionism, Mo Shah’s artwork navigates themes of cross-cultural tension and isolation through an apocalyptic neo-noir lens.

A mixed-media artist, Shah often infuses his photography with decaying pop-cultural/historical imagery and dark symbolism. A fascination with alternative cinema, lost history, existential literature, power structures, cosmic constructions, fringe societies, music, iconography and the occult pervades his work. Shah’s compositions consolidate any number of his interests into a narrative that seeks beauty in despair.

A graduate of New York University, Mo Shah was a founding editor of New York City-based EGO Magazine, and has held several alternative DJ residencies in lower Manhattan. An emerging artist, Shah’s works have been selected for group exhibitions at New York’s A.I.R. Gallery, Abrons Art Center (Henry Street Settlement), and Diva. Originally from Lahore (Pakistan), he currently resides in New York City and Hong Kong.

Mo Shah showed at the Drawing Room in Lahore yesterday and his art will be displayed till Sat afternoon. Be sure to visit!
Here’s a few shots from the opening.


Sanam Taseer and Omer Salamat

Sanam Taseer and Omer Salamat



IMG_1219Attiq AhmedAmina Shah Abbas Ali and Mo Shah Amina Shah Abbas Ali and Mo Shah



Kamiar Rokni

Kamiar Rokni

Mo Shah

Mo Shah

Secret Socrates: Avantika Sujan talks philosophy of taste

Recently Avantika Sujan, corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, travelled from Delhi to Lahore to talk at the NCA on the philosophy of taste. It was a very engaging talk as the discussion centred around what determines whether something is worthy of classification as beautiful, and who or what chooses whether something is in good or bad taste.

She went through Plato, Kant and Hume in doing so made reference to postimpressionism and Cezanne’s first exhibition in Paris.

As the talk concluded it seems that the beauty is in the thought process of assessing beauty. Here are some photos from the talk.