Paper Magazine is a quarterly publication that encompasses fashion, art, music, beauty, health, social issues and current affairs. In a short span of  two years the magazine has managed to create a place for itself in the industry and has gained a steady fan following. We constantly strive to improve ourselves and try new innovative ideas. We were the first lifestyle magazine on the iPad and now we are launching our fashion blog, because as a quarterly it is challenging to remain current with regard to certain content. On this blog we will keep you up to date with all the latest news in the world of fashion and beyond. You can follow us on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/papermagpk and twitter:papermagpak.


  1. Anonymous

    Hey! As much as I love browsing through your online mag, I would really wish you would have some sort of tribune for the people of Karachi who suffered the loss of many on March 3, 2013. Instead of promoting fashion round the clock, how about focusing on some real issues! Trust me when I say this, I absolutely LOVE fashion, and I too come from a similar background of those photographed in your magazines. However, it made me very sad to see pages dedicated to numerous social events when the lives of many of our fellow Muslims has been destroyed! I am also guilty of a closet full of designer wear, spending thousands and thousands on material things when people don’t even have shelter! Your magazine can be used as a campaign to help fight poverty, and to make the elite more conscious of the less privileged.

    • papermagazine2010

      We completely agree with you which is why we tackle these issues in the print edition and post good articles on our Facebook page. This is the fashion blog of a magazine that is proud to tackle social and political issues. We are not oblivious to the problems prevalent in our country and we don’t encourage living in a bubble of consumerism. We try in our own way to shed light on relevant issues and create awareness. We have printed articles on the rights of minorities, on the failings of the government, on child beggars, the transgendered community, on the polarisation of our society and unequal distribution of wealth, and so on. I hope you read the magazine and look forward to your feedback.

  2. MM

    I would love to get a subscription on your magazine and I wanted to know if that’s possible for someone outside of Pakistan.

    • papermagazine2010

      Thank you Zofeen. We are thrilled to hear that you love the blog. We have an iPad app where you can purchase the magazine editions but right now we are revamping it. It will be relaunched soon. Look forward to your feedback.

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