Nicole Kidman’s Pohawk emerges as the biggest hair trend from the Cannes Red Carpet

Nicole Kidman stepped out in a fairytale Dior ball-gown made up of intricate coloured flowers and leaves looking beautiful at first glance. But it was when she turned to the side that the crowd gasped at her super sleek ponytail with a huge quiff. In a new twist on the season’s must-have hair trend, Nicole’s hairstyle was slicked back at the sides and pinned underneath her quiff – which was then pulled into a ponytail at the base of her neck.



high quiff over slicked back sides


Laetitia Casta does the

Laetitia Casta does another version with slicked back sides pinned underneath voluminous locks 

Isfandyar Zaman Khan’s Epic Pool Party!

Isfandyar’s friends threw a brilliant party to kick off the wedding festivities with a pool party. Needless to say everyone had a brilliant time!

20130529-191115.jpg Isfandiyar Zaman & Kiran Chaudhry

Ali Zafar and Sanam Taseer

20130529-191924.jpg Faryal Aftab

20130529-192802.jpg Kamiar Rokni

20130529-193138.jpg Amina Shah & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-193900.jpg Claudio and Isfandyar

20130529-201726.jpg Haris Syed and Saeed

20130529-210200.jpg Ali Zafar

20130529-210733.jpg Fatima Fazli and Ayesha Fazli

20130529-211028.jpg Amina Shah , Samina Khan & Namoos Zaheer

20130529-211259.jpg Romana Abdullah & Zoe Khan

20130529-211448.jpg Haris Syed & Yanal Khan

20130529-211817.jpg Moeed Yousaf

20130529-212127.jpgYasmeen Omar Asghar Khan and Maha Khan

20130529-212515.jpg Attique Ud Din


20130529-212804.jpg Fahd Beg

20130529-212903.jpg Abbas Ali & Amina Shah

20130530-104244.jpgOmer Salamat